What tools can  you use?

I am experienced with MIG and TIG welding, Plasma cutter, CNC Router, CNC Vertical 3-Axis mill, Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaws, Horizontal/Vertical Metal Mills, Engine Lathes, Table/Panel Saws, Metal/Wood Chop Saws, CAD Software, CAM Software, various hand tools, etc.

How do I start a project?

Drawing is the best way to communicate what you want.  Take time to draw multiple views, and dimensions so you can best be prepared for consultation.  Even a decent hand drawing will work.

Can I get it tomorrow?

I put jobs on a calendar, and when your job is next in the queue, is when I will start working on it.

What is your fee?

Consultation is 50$/hr, machine time is 100$/hr.